Cropped TX3 InSuite Touch Gateway


The Intuitive TX3 InSuite Touch Gateway provides a built-in camera, speakers and microphone to allow two-way communication and camera viewing.

Mircom’s TX3 InSuite Touch Gateway and Unified Building Solution combine to create a new platform for building and community services. This solution enhances user convenience, security, & safety in a gateway capable of future add-on technologies and benefits. The TX3 InSuite is 100% designed and built by Mircom in North America.

Two-Way Intercom

Concierge Descriptor Icon

Speak directly with building management.

Front Lobby Descriptor Icon

Front Lobby
Screen visitors and grant access from the comfort of your suite.

Concierge Descriptor Icon

Suite to Suite
Talk with friends or family who also live in the building.

View Security Cameras

Convenience Descriptor Icon

Check the fitness center availability.

Safety Descriptor Icon

Make sure the parking garage is safe or uncrowded for visitors.

Time Saver Descriptor Icon

Time Saver
Is the pool busy? Now you can check without going downstairs.

Peace of mind Descriptor Icon

Peace of mind
Know that your children are safely on board.

“This solution enhances user convenience, security & safety.”

Supported Peripherals

IP/ONVIF® Cameras (Via exacq NVR)

TX3-Nano (Future)

Future Capabilities

Security Devices
Door Contact
Motion Sensor
Window Contact
Glass Breakage Sensor
Door Lock
Lighting Switches

3-Way Switches
Low Voltage On/Off Switch
General Purpose Switches
Water/Leak Detector Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications

Unified Building Solution

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TX3 InSuite Touch Gateway Flow Chart